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Olivenol Plus - The Mediterranean Diet in a Pill

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Olivenolplus may be the most transformational- natural- nutraceutical ever launched. Olivenolplus works by down regulation of the inflammatory cascade at it's root. The result, Olivenolplus reduces inflammation that contributes to joint pain and reduces severe skin disorders like psoriasis.

I like to consider Olivenolplus as a potential "preventive" product helping to reduce the effects of chronic inflammation over our lifetime. Olivenolplus is also the most potent "antioxidant" ever discovered on the planet and the data is definitive.

"The Mediterranean diet in a capsule” 1 Olivenolplus capsule= 8-12 oz. of extra virgin olive oil or 2 kg of organic green olives without the fat or calories. Just the power of HIDROX.

Recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine was a study on the cardiovascular impact of 4 oz. of extra virgin olive oil and diet. The study was one of the most significant studies in many years and proved the benefits of polyphenols has on reducing strokes by >30%.


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